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Technology Kit Information

The ECESC has two Technology Kits available to loan to member schools. Each kit contains 15 Sphero balls and 15 Ollies, suitable for the K-12 classroom setting. There is also a separate kit that includes a drone. By infusing technology with robotics, “toys” and other devices can teach and inspire tomorrow’s inventors and innovators. From polygons to percentages, lessons using app-enabled Sphero balls will help your students explore the principles of math and science through programming. With the app-controlled robotic Ollies, children can build their own courses and jumps and test the laws of physics at the same time. Your students can learn how to fly drones, how camera drones operate, how drones have been used in the past and jobs they could perform in the future.

Don’t have iPads? No problem! We have two sets of 15 iPads that can be scheduled with the Sphero and Ollie kits. Just let us know when you schedule the technology kit that you also need the iPads.

By being members of the East Central Educational Service Center, you are entitled to use the technology. This is the only program that allows you to check out technology, that we are aware of. Training is required prior to using the items in the technology kits.