Adopt-a-Classroom Grants

Teachers who register at the Adopt-a-Classroom web site can be adopted by an individual, a business or a foundation. Once adopted, teachers will receive $500 worth of credit to purchase items that enrich the learning environment, including classroom technology. Teachers help solicit their own sponsor by downloading and distributing fliers within their community or by sending out a personalized, pre-written email from Adopt-a-Classroom web site. Every donor receives information about the classroom it has adopted, and an itemized list of what teachers bought. This way the donors can see the impact of their donation.

Digital Wish from Olympus

Create a lesson plan and qualify to win a mobile digital camera lab plus as many as 43 different grants for hardware and software. Please check the link above for more information on what is available and deadlines.

Institute of Education Sciences

The Institute of Education Sciences' overarching priority is research that contributes to school readiness and improved academic achievement for all students, and particularly for those whose education prospects are hindered by inadequate education services and conditions associated with poverty, race/ethnicity, limited English proficiency, disability, and family circumstance. Please read an Overview of IES Research and Research Training Grant Programs for background information before proceeding. Please note that not all of IES' research and research training programs are offered each funding year and that the requirements for research and research training programs may change from one year to the next.

Student Poetry Contest

This contest is open to all students, residing in the USA or Canada, enrolled in grades 4-12, including home schooled and tutored children.