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Discover Early Childhood EDU A growing number of states are beginning to offer preschool for all children aged four as a way to close the achievement gap. Many states are also working to encourage parents in all socioeconomic ranges to be active in their child’s development from an early age. States are working hard to inform people living in less-advantaged neighborhoods of free and discounted programs for their children if they have financial challenges.

Even with the trends, teacher shortages in early childhood education are rampant nationwide. This work is ideal for people who have patience, creativity, and adore working with children. Individuals who follow this career path will have a wide variety of employer opportunities; state or government, private child care facilities, or childhood education centers. Job duties will include planning activities and teaching kids how to socialize. Early childhood education is expected to continue to grow as a career for years to come.'s mission is to provide up-to-date degree, state licensure, and financial aid resources for students interested in pursuing a career in education. Learn more about us, if you do not want to receive emails fromThe guides listed here are open-use, but unfortunately many are unaware they’re available. In order to aid students who may benefit from our information. 

School Counseling Program Overview

Graduate Application Guidance

MOOC Platforms
Centered around the idea that success in the real world begins in the classroom, Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) is becoming a popular choice for students and professionals to further their education. This is mainly due to availability (internet connection), affordability, and acceptance (earn college credits and degrees). The real challenge is sorting through all the MOOC platforms that are available.

2017 Student Guide to Online Education Report
This report explains what to expect as an online student and helps students decide if online learning is the right choice for them. It also provides a clear path for high school students preparing for college and gives additional research tools, tips, and tricks for helping students choose the right distance program.

Discover Business Degrees
About The focus at Discover Business is on empowering people through information. We strive to help future business students make better, more informed education decisions. We do this through our in-depth resources, subject guides, and rankings.

We often, spend a large amount of our time analyzing existing research, including scientific studies, factual data, current trends, and first-hand experiences from you, our readers. We also collaborate and discuss with leading experts to get input from those who have spent countless years immersed in that particular subject or industry.

College Degrees Online: There are hundreds of different program areas with colleges offering degrees online, at every level. Here are some of the top online program areas. You can view more information on each program, including offerings at the undergraduate (Associates and Bachelor's) and graduate (Master's and Doctorate) levels.

College Prep Resource Page
To assist students in their pursuit of higher education, and to help educators, academic advisors, and parents aid in their student’s college preparation, the links on this page have been compiled. These links provide valuable information and guidance for students preparing for college and all that it entails.

Accredited Online Colleges Resources
This is a comprehensive college directory with many resources useful to prospective students and parents interested in advancing their education. This site enables individuals to search for an institution by a number of criteria including location, subject, size, and graduation rates.

American School Counselor Association Web Service
Professional development, support, resources, publications and much more for school counselors.

College Prep 101
Helping students navigate the process of selecting, applying to and being successful in college.

Students can complete, file and pay for admissions to over 500 colleges online.

Education Portal
Your guide to undergraduate degrees, graduate degrees, career education and online degree programs.

Educational Testing Service Network
Good starting point for those beginning financial aid/college search.

Learn More Resource Center
Indiana's college and career connection.

Mapping Your Future
Make sure all of your paperwork is on time for college admissions, scholarships, and financial aid.

Peterson's Education & Career Center
Test prep for college, financial aid information.
If you need information about salaries, then this is the site for you. The Salary Wizard will calculate salaries for thousands of jobs based on the job title and geographic location. You can also find advice on determining how much of a salary you deserve based on your skills. There is also information on other types of compensation, such as stock options, benefits, and bonuses.

Scholarship Help
To educate students about scholarship access and requirements for achieving maximum financial aid.

Trip to College
This site will help parents and students easily plan academically and financially for college based on the child's age and family income.