American School Directory is the best on-line resource to gather relevant information on over 105,000 K-12 schools in the United States. It is the most convenient and low cost method with search capabilities that allow you to view information, one school at a time.

Autism-PDD Network
Definition, diagnosing, and searching for resources are all covered on this website.

Best Evidence
What works in education? The Best Evidence Encyclopedia (BEE) presents reliable, unbiased reviews of research-proven educational programs to help: POLICY MAKERS use evidence to make informed choices, PRINCIPALS choose proven programs to meet state standards, TEACHERS use the most powerful tools available, and RESEARCHERS find rigorous evaluations of educational programs...because all children deserve the best in education

Computers for Learning
The CFL program evolved as a guide for implementing Executive Order 12999, Educational Technology: Ensuring Opportunity for all Children in the Next Century. The order encourages agencies, to the extent permitted by law, to transfer computers and related peripheral equipment excess to their needs directly to schools and educational nonprofit organizations.

DHS/s READY Campaign
The READY Campaign is intended to educate and empower citizens to prepare for and respond to emergencies, whether natural disasters or terrorist attacks.

Educational Research Network
Learning communities, staff development help and much more.

Edusoft is a web-based assessment platform. We help school districts, administrators, teachers and parents track student performance on state standards through three kinds of tests: state exams, district benchmarks, and in-class teacher tests. Our testing and reporting solution gives districts the information they need to help improve instruction and student performance.

FISH! for Schools
The FISH! Philosophy was inspired by a business that is world famous for its incredible energy and commitment to service—the Pike Place Fish Market. We studied the fishmongers and identified four simple practices that help anyone bring new energy and commitment to their work.

GetNet Wise
GetNetWise is a public service brought to you by Internet industry corporations and public interest organizations to help ensure that Internet users have safe, constructive, and educational or entertaining online experiences.

Hoosier Educational Computer Coordinators
It is the mission of HECC to provide those charged with implementing educational technology in Indiana schools with timely information and resources in order to improve communication, efficiency, and the integration of technology.

Indiana General Assembly
Stay informed on bills and/or resolutions scheduled for action on the House and Senate floors with BillWatch.

National School Safety Center
The National School Safety Center serves as an advocate for safe, secure and peaceful schools worldwide and as a catalyst for the prevention of school crime and violence. NSSC provides school communities and their school safety partners with quality information, resources, consultation, and training services. The National School Safety Center identifies and promotes strategies, promising practices and programs that support safe schools for all students as part of the total academic mission.

National Study of School Evaluation
AdvancED is the world’s largest education community, serving more than 30,000 public and private schools and districts across the United States and in more than 70 countries that educate over 16 million students. We believe that students must be prepared to succeed in a constantly-evolving and diverse world and that educational institutions have a deep responsibility to deliver quality education to students from all walks of life


WestEd initiative, helps schools and districts address the immense challenge of raising student achievement in low-performing schools. In an interactive Web format, SchoolsMovingUp offers practitioners knowledge and expertise they need to make sound decisions and take tangible action in their school reform efforts. It provides high-quality resources, proven services, and powerful tools that education professionals can use in their work with low-performing schools nationwide. Resources include profiles of schools from across the country that have improved student achievement, easily implemented or replicated school and district tips to assist in school improvement efforts, and articles, books, and abstracts offering practical ideas and models for school improvement. Frequent online events bring experts to the Web to share lessons learned, new ideas, and related resources. SchoolsMovingUp also offers practical information about the sweeping reform of the No Child Left Behind Act.

STI Education Data Management Solutions
Our 6,000 nationwide customers rely on our Education Data Management Solutions and Services to help manage their schools, districts and states. These solutions include student information systems, job-embedded student achievement professional development, student engagement through the use of technology coaching, assessment platforms, special education tracking, professional development management and financial management.