Social Studies Games for Kids6

Games are an exciting and easy to teach kids about social studies. Kids can play games to help them remember important dates and facts when it comes to key events in history. Games introduce them to different countries and help kids locate various cities and countries on a map. They can also transport kids back in time and help them learn about the past. Not only are there games to cover nearly every topic kids will encounter in social studies, but they also help bring a subject that can sometimes seem boring or irrelevant back to life.

Law/Government Sites for Kids

When kids are curious about certain things, it can be tough to find an age-appropriate way to teach them. Most of the many agencies of the United States government have created web pages designed specifically with kids in mind. These sites offer fun and safe ways for kids to explore the functions of various government agencies and to learn about how these agencies work for everyone as a part of our society.

Country Watch

This is up-to-date news and information on each of the recognized countries of the world including a 20-year forecast of energy demand, supply, and pricing for every country.


Stories of Yesterday and Today - Everything a busy teacher needs to teach about how immigrants from all over the world traveled to the United States to build new lives.

Social Studies School Service

This site has been a leader in educational resources since 1965, searching out the highest quality supplementary learning materials, including books, CD-ROMs, videos, DVD, software, charts, and posters.

Social Studies Sources

This site is designed for K-12 social studies teachers and students and is loaded with information and topics that are useful to all.

Terrorism and Attacks on America

Teachers help students understand the attacks of September 11, trying to explain and teach the lessons and dealing with terrorism. Numerous websites to help with background information and lesson plans.

The New York Times Learning Network

This website has articles broken down according to curriculum and grade levels. Clear lesson plans are outlined for teachers, with links to supporting articles or online videos to use in class.